sendmail wrapper handle attachments

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mailit is a wrapper to send mails including attachments from 
the command line. It uses sendmail to deliver the message to the
corret place. mailit is based on MIME::Lite from ZeeGee Software

With -p flag set it reads from standard input up to an EOF or a
single dot line. That means it can read some data through a Unix
Pipe till EOF or, if you prefere read in interactively, terminate
input with a single dot in the line. In interactive mode mailit
will prompt you for the body.
The data you entered this way will be sent as the body of the mail
setting text/plain as Content-Type.

mailit determines the 'sender address' from both the environment 
variable HOME for the 'user' part as well as the source setting
$DOMAIN_NAME as 'domain'.

To run:

  • install MIME::Lite
  • set your Domainname under $DOMAIN_NAME in the source file.